2011 Pricing Notice

TekSavvy Pricing Notice

As of February 2, we will be introducing new high-speed cable and DSL packages that will offer our customers all the speed and bandwidth options they need. With these new product options, our pricing for our existing product packages will be changing.

300GB Packages. The cost of most of our 300GB packages will increase. However, for DSL customers, the 300GB meter will not run between the hours of 2 am and 8 am, effectively allowing unlimited services for all downloading in that off-peak period. We are pleased to be the first in the industry to offer unlimited off-peak bandwidth.*

Unlimited Packages. We are pleased to introduce new speeds with unlimited bandwidth for our more avid Internet users. These products will lead us into the future, accurately reflecting the greater demands that will occur as Internet usage increases. We understand and share the desire to enjoy all that the Internet offers, and want to ensure we allow our customers to continue to share in that experience.*

Cable Internet:

Product Catagory Speed Cap New Price
TekSavvy Basic Cable 3 25 24.95
TekSavvy Lite Cable 3 300 30.95
TekSavvy Lite Cable 3 Unlimited 40.95
TekSavvy Express Cable 12 300 39.95
TekSavvy Express Cable 12 Unlimited 54.95**
Extreme Cable Pro 24 300 49.95
Extreme Cable Pro 24 Unlimited 61.95**

DSL Internet:

Product Names Speed Cap New Price
DSL Basic (Note: Corrected Speed) 2 25 24.99
High Speed Internet 6 300 34.99
High Speed Internet 6 Unlimited 45.99
High Speed DSL 10 (QC only) 10 300 44.99
High Speed DSL 10 (QC only) 10 Unlimited 54.99**
High Speed DSL 12 (ON only) 12 300 41.99
High Speed DSL 12 (ON only) 12 Unlimited 54.99**
High Speed DSL 16 16 300 45.99
High Speed DSL 16 16 Unlimited 59.99**
High Speed DSL 25 25 300 52.99
High Speed DSL 25 25 Unlimited 77.99**

Rates apply only to cable customers in Ontario on the Rogers network, and to Ontario and Quebec DSL customers.

*Under applicable law, if you currently have a package that will be experiencing changes to pricing or other terms, and you do not agree to the revised pricing or other terms, your sole remedy is to cancel that service, without cost, penalty or termination indemnity, by sending us a notice to that effect no later than 30 days after the amendments come into force.  Please note that the use of all services and equipment provided by TekSavvy Solutions Inc. (including any affiliates and subsidiaries) is subject to the TekSavvy Terms and Conditions of Service available at http://www.teksavvy.com/en/why-teksavvy/policies/terms-and-conditions and Acceptable Use Policy available at http://www.teksavvy.com/en/why-teksavvy/policies/acceptable-use-policy

**Product not available until February 2.

Prices are not final and are subject to change

Cable prices apply to Ontario customers on the rogers network only