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Ukraine Long Distance Charges Waived

Long distance charges for all current TekSavvy residential and business phone customers calling Ukraine will be waived until further notice. No action is required by our customers as this will happen automatically.

TekSavvy is monitoring the Ukraine situation carefully.  Learn More

Internet Filtering


Last updated: June 2, 2022

We have been ordered to block certain sites related to the GoldTV service

In July 2019, Bell Media Inc., Groupe TVA Inc. (owned by Videotron's parent, Quebecor), and Rogers Media Inc. (the Plaintiffs) asked the Federal Court to issue an order forcing themselves and some other Canadian ISPs to block access to certain domain names and IP addresses. On November 15, the Federal Court issued a 2-year blocking order (File Number T-1169-19). Since the Plaintiffs specifically named TekSavvy as one of the ISPs on the Order, we are required to block the sites that are listed in the Order.

TekSavvy opposed the Order in the first place, and we applied to appeal the order in the Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada.  We appealed the order because, among other things, a blocking order is a grave violation of network neutrality and a fundamental change to what we do as an Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The principles of common carriage and network neutrality mean ISPs carry traffic to and from end-users in as neutral a fashion as possible. All ISPs should defend the basic principle that we are not liable for or responsible for the content of the traffic on our networks.

The case is called Bell Media Inc. v. GoldTV.Biz, 2019 FC 1432. Note that the Plaintiffs can apply to the court to change the list of sites that are blocked, and they have done so several times. Since that court Order won't get updated with newer lists of sites to be blocked, we're posting the latest list here.

Under the Order, certain people are allowed to ask the court to change the Order, including the operators of the websites that are blocked, the operators of any other websites who are affected by the Order, and any Internet service customer affected by the Order.

Technical Information

Finally, to ensure we are operating in as transparent a manner as possible, here is some technical information about how we are doing this blocking. Under Schedule 2 of the Order, ISPs can use "DNS blocking" or alternatively DNS re-routing; TekSavvy is using "DNS blocking" by changing TekSavvy's DNS server to point these domains directly to this page instead of where other neutral and unaffected DNS servers point.

The latest version of the list of sites to be blocked does not require us to block any IP addresses, so we are not doing so.


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