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Ukraine Long Distance Charges Waived

Long distance charges for all current TekSavvy residential and business phone customers calling Ukraine will be waived until further notice. No action is required by our customers as this will happen automatically.

TekSavvy is monitoring the Ukraine situation carefully.  Learn More


TekSavvy encouraged by Minister Clement's clear support of competition

March 2nd, 2011. Chatham, Ontario.

TekSavvy Solutions Inc., one of Canada’ s leading independent Internet service providers, is encouraged by Industry Minister Tony Clement’s clear and unequivocal support of competition in the provision of Internet service to Canadians.  In particular, TekSavvy supports his opposition to the imposition of usage based billing on independent Internet service providers like TekSavvy. 

Minister Clement stated Tuesday that UBB is “inconsistent with good public policy” and that the best way to generate real consumer choice is with vigorous competition.

“Minister Clement has a deep understanding of the complex issues that need to be addressed to ensure Canadians have the benefit of robust competition in Internet service,” said Rocky Gaudrault, CEO of TekSavvy Solutions Inc. “Innovation and entrepreneurship in this industry are essential to establishing Canada as a world leader in providing this essential service and these efforts cannot be frustrated by the efforts of dominant market players that wish to stifle competition.”

TekSavvy will continue to employ of all its resources to assist the minister in achieving these objectives, and will be actively involved throughout the proceedings currently before the CRTC to ensure an outcome that will finally give Canadians the quality of service and affordable prices they are entitled to expect and which TekSavvy is committed to providing. 

Under the current non-competitive framework, Canadians have one of the lowest levels of Internet service and pay among the highest prices for it in the industrialized world. 

Following a series of decisions, the CRTC had given incumbents like Bell permission to force competitors like TekSavvy to charge its residential customers exorbitant usage fees and pay those fees to Bell.

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