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Just the essentials
A budget friendly and reliable package that is good for browsing the internet, staying in touch on social media, or checking emails. When all you need is just the essentials.
Download speeds up to 30Mbps
Connect 1-4 devices at once
Unlimited monthly usage available
Level Up
Looking to power a state-of-the-art smart home? Generate content, love to game, or use a ton of data? Transform your living space into a hub of innovation and connectivity with this package.
Download speeds up to 1Gbps
Connect 10+ devices at once
Unlimited monthly usage available

Internet service available only where access and technology permit. Maximum internet speed not guaranteed: actual speed experienced may vary due to technical factors and practices: learn more here. TekSavvy service subject to Terms and Conditions. Advertised prices may change over time, without notice.

Wi-Fi and broadband access through powerful hardware keep you connected.

  • Need to catch up on an entire season of your favourite show before the latest season? You'll be covered with one of our many hardware options available.
  • We have Wi-Fi enabled devices that'll have all your devices connected in a jiffy!
Broadband gateway or router with Wi-Fi

Home internet questions? We've got answers.

Overall, internet is internet. The difference between cable and DSL Internet services is mainly in the way that the service is delivered and the characteristics of that infrastructure. DSL runs through lines typically associated with telephone service, where cable runs through lines typically associated with cable television service.

A DSL connection requires an active phone line. If you do not have an active traditional home phone service at home, we will set up a dry loop which acts as an active ‘ghost’ phone line. The DSL connection is a dedicated line. This means it is yours and only yours. Your bandwidth will not be affected by other users in the area. DSL is very dependent on the quality of the infrastructure and your distance from the nearest Central Office (CO) where the service ultimately connects to the outside world. The further you are from the CO and the quality of the infrastructure leading to your home, and inside it, will determine what the highest speeds you will qualify for.

A cable connection runs through coaxial cabling. You are not required to have an active cable television service in your home to receive cable Internet service. Cable Internet is a shared service, which means that the line running into your home is a branch of a larger trunk which also feeds into your neighbour’s homes. This does not mean that your personal information is at risk. However, if the trunk is not wide enough to feed all the users in your area you may notice some congestion which leads to slower speeds when everyone is using the service at one time. Coaxial cabling is heavily shielded, so distance is less of a concern when it comes to a cable connection. If you qualify for cable Internet, you should be eligible for any of the offered speeds.

Any high speed Internet connection should be sufficient to stream videos online. The need for additional speed will come into play when you take into consideration the quality of the video you would like to watch, and if you have additional devices in use at the same time.

To stream HD video, you should aim for at least a 15Mbps service. If you would like to stream HD videos while also using your phone, a laptop, a desktop or have some other devices going at the same time, consider bumping up your speed to the higher speed packages available for you.

To stream in Ultra HD (4K) video, you should aim for at least a 25Mbps service. If you would like to use additional devices while streaming content, consider bumping up your speed to packages above this.

To use Internet service, you will need a modem. To connect multiple devices, or to achieve Wi-Fi service, you will need a router. Nowadays, some modems are a combination device which includes a router built in.

You can choose to use a standalone modem and a standalone router or opt to go with a modem-router combination device. Across our services, we offer standalone modems or modem-router combinations to fit your needs.

We can absolutely assist you in transferring your active services to TekSavvy. Even if you want to transfer your home phone number to TekSavvy, we have you covered. The process of transferring your service will vary depending on who your current provider is. Please feel free to reach out to a friendly and knowledgeable TekSavvy representative who can assist you with those finer details.

Purchase a router from TekSavvy!

Really though, your ideal Wi-Fi situation is unique to your home. Some routers will be great for a small home or apartment, while some might be overkill for that exact same home. Vice versa for large homes. You may be looking at a budget router which would suffice for a small home but fail at providing coverage for your entire home. Take the size of your home into consideration when you are looking at how powerful your prospective router is.

There are also mesh networking solutions available which allows you to set up multiple wireless access points throughout your home to ‘cover’ your home in a lovely blanket of wireless connectivity. These are ideal for large homes, or homes with multiple floors where you want an even layer of connectivity regardless of where you are.


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