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Ukraine Long Distance Charges Waived

Long distance charges for all current TekSavvy residential and business phone customers calling Ukraine will be waived until further notice. No action is required by our customers as this will happen automatically.

TekSavvy is monitoring the Ukraine situation carefully.  Learn More


Federal Court grants adjournment at TekSavvy’s request in alleged Customer Copyright Infringement hearing with Voltage Pictures LLC

December 17th, 2012. Chatham, Ontario.

At the request of TekSavvy Solutions Inc., the Federal Court of Canada has granted an adjournment in a motion filed by Voltage Pictures LLC asking the Court  to order TekSavvy to provide the names and contact information of customers associated with certain IP addresses that are alleged to have engaged in copyright infringement.  The next hearing is scheduled to take place January 14th, in the Federal Court in Toronto.  TekSavvy requested the adjournment to ensure that all affected customers have notice of the motion and an adequate opportunity to respond.

TekSavvy has a responsibility to protect its customer information and is committed to protecting customer privacy.   While Voltage Pictures argued that notice did not need to be given, and also argued against the adjournment, TekSavvy took the extra steps necessary to ensure its customers knew about the request for information, and ensure they have opportunity to take action.

“We did not feel that giving out private customer information without prior notice was right, so we took action.  We also did not feel that adequate notice was given to our customers to allow them to react, which is why we requested an adjournment” Says Marc Gaudrault, CEO of TekSavvy.  “This is a new issue for Canadians and it is important that we get it right.”

CIPPIC had also submitted a letter to the Court requesting an adjournment to allow it anopportunity to intervene in the motionh.  em.  For  CIPPIC’s letter to the court please visit:

Voltage has not yet obtained a court order, however, it has served a motion on TekSavvy seeking the customer information that Voltage wishes to obtain.  For more information on the Voltage filings with the court please visit:

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TekSavvy Solutions Inc (TSI), is one of the leading independent providers of telecommunications services in Canada. Founded in 1998, TSI provides residential, business and wholesale Internet and phone services in Canada. Today, TSI’s services are used by tens of thousands of Canadians. Based in Chatham, Ontario, TSI operates offices in Chatham and Ottawa. TSI is a privately held company that is in the forefront of protecting Canadian consumers’ rights online. For more information, visit We’re Different.  In a Good Way.

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