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Feedback on Accessibility

Last updated: May 16, 2023

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As part of providing customer-focused service, TekSavvy is committed to improving the accessibility of our products and services. We are currently working on developing our public Accessibility Plan, which will be published on or before June 1, 2023.

In the meantime, we welcome questions, concerns or other feedback on any issues involving accessibility from our customers or other interested persons. This can include any feedback you feel is related to accessibility, including comments relevant to the development of our public Accessibility Plan or relating to any barriers you have identified in dealing with TekSavvy or accessing our products or services.

How to Provide Feedback

You may provide feedback on accessibility through your usual way of contacting us, including:

By telephone:

Sales & Support line: 1-877-779-1575

By email:

Through our feedback form:

Through our online community:

By mail:

TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
800 Richmond Street
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J5

Through one of our social media channels:



If you would like to be contacted in response to your concern, please let us know your preferred method of communication. Otherwise, we will respond to you through the same method that you used to contact us.

You also have the option of providing feedback anonymously. If you do, we will take note of your feedback through our usual internal process but will not respond to you directly.

How We Handle Feedback

Unless you elect to provide feedback anonymously, we will contact you in response to confirm receipt and to work with you on how we can best address the issue.

In addition to addressing accessibility issues on a case-by-case basis directly with you, our agents are trained to forward all feedback to our accessibility team, which includes our Chief Operations Officer who is responsible for receiving feedback on accessibility. Feedback will be tracked and assessed by our team as part of the process for developing our Accessibility Plan and identifying recurring concerns.

Any personal information you disclose to us while providing feedback on accessibility will be kept confidential. As with all personal information you provide to us, your personal information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy available here in English and here in French.

This site endeavours to conform to the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, level AA).


We want to hear from you!

Your feedback will be used to continue to improve our website experience.