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Legal Stuff

Last updated: July 2, 2021

Transparency Report

TekSavvy Quarterly Transparency Reports

Following up to our initial Transparency Reports covering 2014 and 2015-16, TekSavvy committed to publishing quarterly transparency reports beginning with the January to March, 2017 period (published in November, 2017). As of the date when each report is published, at least six months will have passed since we responded to each of the requests disclosed in that report. 

2020 Q1 (January to March), published October, 2020: Download 2020 Q1 Report

2020 Q2 (April to June), published January, 2021: Download 2020 Q2 Report

2020 Q3 (July to September), published April 2021: Download 2020 Q3 Report

2020 Q4 (October to December), published July, 2021: Download 2020 Q4 Report


2019 Q1 (January to March), published December, 2019: Download 2019 Q1 Report

2019 Q2 (April to June), published April, 2020: Download 2019 Q2 Report

2019 Q3 (July to September), published April, 2020: Download 2019 Q3 Report

2019 Q4 (October to December), published July, 2020: Download 2019 Q4 Report


2018 Q1 (January to March), published October, 2018: Download 2018 Q1 Report

2018 Q2 (April to June), published March, 2019: Download 2018 Q2 Report

2018 Q3 (July to September), published June, 2019: Download 2018 Q3 Report

2018 Q4 (October to December), published October, 2019: Download 2018 Q4 Report


2017 Q1 (January to March), published November, 2017: Download 2017 Q1 Report

2017 Q2 (April to June), published April, 2018: Download 2017 Q2 Report

2017 Q3 (July to September): published May, 2018: Download 2017 Q3 Report

2017 Q4 (October to December): Download 2017 Q4 Report

Earlier Transparency Report

In January, 2014, we received a pretty long letter from independent researchers asking for a range of details about TekSavvy's data retention and sharing policies, specifically with an eye to how, when, and why we disclose information to government agencies, and asking specifically about disclosures in 2012 and 2013. Our response to that letter in June, 2014, was effectively our first Transparency Report, covering 2012 and 2013; you can read it here.

In May, 2017, we received an updated version of that letter from the same researchers for a follow-up study concerning information handling and disclosures we made in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Our response to that second letter, which we published in November, 2017 was effectively our second Transparency Report, covering 2014, 2015, and 2016; you can read that letter here.